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Our Brand

Koji is a Japanese word representing persistence and origin. We strongly encourage our customers to persist with their dreams and always stay true to themselves.

Our logo is derived from the Japanese Enso. A well-known symbol in the Japanese Zen culture, which is a school of Buddhism/spiritual discipline widely practiced throughout Japan, focusing on calmness, simplicity and self-growth.

The art form/aesthetics of Japanese Zen (Wabi-Sabi) sees beauty in asymmetry, imperfection, moderation and all things natural.

The teachings and values of this culture closely resonate with the backbone of Koji and what we are trying to achieve.
Japanese Zen gives insight into ones true nature, inspires personal development, draws focus to the visible and the invisible, sees perfection in imperfection, encourages expression, teaches acceptance, enforces living with confidence and conviction, creates the unity of mind and body and so much more!



Our Mission

We call her Koji the little character inside of us all, with a personality larger than life.

More often than not, we suppress Koji’s existence to the outside world and sometimes close friends and family too. Social norms and constant judgment are highly prevalent in our lives from a young age, so we learn to retract, adapt and conform.

This girl I speak of, Koji Who is she you may wonder?

She is the pop star singing at the top of her lungs into a pretend microphone, when nobody’s home
She is the dancer, imitating Beyonce (..or trying to) in front of the mirror behind closed doors
She is the little gangster rapping Eminem like her life depends on it to a non existent crowd
She is the award winning actress quoting Burlesque (insert favourite movie here) while watching it for the 100
th time
or maybe that’s just me

Each day, Koji walks with confidence, speaks with conviction and acts without fear or hesitation.
She sees no limitations and no unconquerable obstacles; Koji knows in her heart that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.
For this reason, some find her demeanour intimidating and hence we are taught to hide her from society. The relentless positive energy she radiates, bringing constant spontaneity and excitement into her daily life. She is unintentionally captivating and we naturally gravitate towards her because we want to feel it too. Freedom.

This girl we call Koji, she is a representation of your self, in a raw and pure form.
When the spotlight is turned off and its just you in the darkness.
When the invisible boundaries implemented and enforced by society are removed.
When you feel completely free, to be who ever you want to be.
Oh how you are beautiful beyond measure.

It is our mission at Koji & Ko, to bring the qualities of your inner Koji into your consciousness. We want you to acknowledge her existence, harness her energy and use it to find or follow your passion.

Let our apparel represent your inner Koji and be a constant reminder of who you are, what you’re aspiring to be and the amazing possibilities in your reach!